Mustadio Bunansa


Born to a prominent Carvyr Alchamek professor he spent much of his life studying his fathers books and had a knack for it to boot. He didn’t get out much for his father was very strict and felt the world was to deranged for him to be out and about. He entered the alchamek school after it was rebuilt from the suspicious fire that burned it down 10 years ago. Even though Mustadio learned a lot from his father he resented the fact that he had no personal view or the world. When Mustadio Bunansa left home at 18 to wander the known world, he had learned all he could from his father and the school. He ended up on the high seas with a crew of miscreants and when the captain died the crew kicked Mustadio to the curb penny-less and back were he started at home in Carvyr. He did the only thing a down and out mariner alchamek could do *drink, and that brings us to this bar were the adventure was just about to begin.

Name: Mustadio Bunansa
Home Country: Carvyr
Age: 23
Hair: blond
Eyes: green
Race: Human
Build: 5’ 11" 185 lbs.
Archetype: The Wanderer/Creator
Weapon of Choice: Rifle
Likes: Trying food from all over the world.
Dislikes: Being in one place too long.
Goals: See the world, find and kill his former boat crew and take there ship.
Subplot: Getting revenge on the boat crew that kicked him to the curb.
Hobbies/Fun Time: Tinkering with alchamek
Flaw: Impatient,Callous
Motivation: Pure and simple, Adventure, treasure is just a happy side effect.
Out of Ordinary:
Advantage: Buffing, long range attack
Scared Most By: Sharks, he hates sharks with a passion.
Greatest Accomplishment: Leaving Marbleborough and wandering the high seas.
Greatest regret: He didn’t leave before he did.
Skills: Buffing,shooting
History: *

Magic item wish list
repulsive armor +2
Swift shot superior crossbow +2
Bracers of shooting(Archery)

2. + to ranged attack or dmg 3. help for healing

Mustadio Bunansa

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