Kero Withen

Kero, the Human Rogue


Kero is a jet black haired human with a heavy tan. He stands 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs about 165 lbs, soaking wet.


Kero was born into royalty, well almost. Being the second son of a noble family just means your older brother get’s all the training, all the glory, all the inheritance…Of course it did allow Kero to go relatively unknown and unwatched, and he used that to his advantage. He started early, just snatching a thing or two from his father’s room. At first he just wanted the attention, but soon he realized that he could exert influence in stealing.

His father was set to hear the testimony of two local shop keeps, both accused the other of unfair practices. One of the men had been very nice to Kero, teaching him how to maintain the elemental that made every day life easier, teaching him to respect the mana of the world and not abuse it. The other shop keep…had chased Kero out of his store more than once.

What a shame, when certain important documents went missing, making the friendly shop keep’s testimony all the stronger. Seeing the other man in irons being led to a debtors prison was all the satisfaction Kero needed…plus the shop would be unguarded that night…

He was drowning his sorrows one night in a local tavern, staying in the back mainly, when a ship’s crew came in and began to celebrate their latest voyage. Kero turned his ear and listened, eventually realizing it was the famous ‘pirate’ Belaying Pin Blackman; though Kero thought of him more as a hero than a pirate.

He used his savvy to sign on with the crew, telling Blackman that he was a skilled thief and able mariner. Blackman saw through Kero’s ruse when he was unable to tell Starboard from Port, but he liked what he saw in the troubled young man, and signed him on.

Kero spent the next 8 years training under Blackman and his crew, learning much and honing his skills. However, all good things come to an end. While on a port call, Kero learned that his family’s house had been destroyed in a very suspicious fire. Further investigation failed to yield any culprits, but Kero did realize that in the past 8 years he had literally been written out of the books.

Now he must find out who killed his family, why they did it, and he must claim his birthright.

Name: Karo Withen
Home Country: Carvyr
Age: 26
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human
Build: 5’8", 165, tan, leather armor, revolver, dashing
Archetype: Suave Robin Hood with Dalton James Bond
Weapon of Choice: Revolver
Likes: Thievery, skulking about, shadows, ships, the sea.
Dislikes: Being told what to do, people getting the drop on him, party indecision.
Goals: Find out who murdered his parents and why.
Subplot: After 8 years at sea he has become a hardened individual, nobody else is going to help him so it’s up to him to get his.
Hobbies/Fun Time: Sailing, navigation, bragging.
Flaw: He’ll forget his motivation and his creed of selfishness and help people when he probably should just leave them to their own devices.
Motivation: Wealth, notoriety. ‘Slay the dragon, get the gold/girl/macguffin’.
Out of Ordinary: Ability to disappear in thin air. ‘now you see him, now you don’t…’
Advantage: Stealthiness.
Scared Most By: Failure, being a nobody.
Greatest Accomplishment: Being a scourge of the seas for 8 years and proving to himself that he could be somebody out of the shadow of his family.
Greatest regret: Even though they were kind of jerks, he should have been there when they got murdered.
Skills: Stealthyness, thievery, gunplay, smooth-talk/bluffery.
History: See above.

Magic item wish list

  1. Something to allow hiding in plain sight
  2. Stronger, lightning-based pistol
  3. A short sword with a passive bonus of some sort

Kero Withen

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