Human Wizard


Some people just aren’t cut out for the Carvyr Alchemek college. It’s not that they’re bad at enchanting, or unable to do magic, or anything like that. It’s just that some are more interested in summoning up whirlwinds, or lighting large swaths of brush on fire. After one’s fourth disciplinary action in as many weeks one’s instructors usually decide that it’s time to get a little “field time.” It wasn’t quite expulsion, but Islington is definitely not allowed back on campus for the next two or so years without a very good reason.

There was always the option of returning home to his parents in the countryside to practice hedge wizardry for a while, or finding a more appropriate master in Vestad, but exploring the new frontier just seemed so much more, well, interesting.

Name: Islington
Home Country: Carvyr
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Race: Human
Build: Tall and spindly, taller with the hat.
Weapon of Choice: Orb/Tome

Likes: High quality tobacco
Dislikes: Getting sticky
Goals: Acceptance into magical academia, to have the best beard.
Magic: Much more evocative than is typical.
Subplot: I’ll figure this out as I go.
Hobbies/Fun Time: Reading, conducting magical experiments.
Flaw: Impatience, curiosity
Motivation: “Everything is a learning experience”
Advantage: Extensive education, shoots thunder
Scared Most By: Dying in obscurity.
Greatest Accomplishment: Personally powering one of the arcantrick turbines that power Carvyr for seventy two hours straight with only whirlwinds and magic lightning.
Greatest regret: That he cannot tell anyone about the above because then they would know who broke the turbine while experimenting with it in the first place.
Skills: History, arcana, theology, other academic subjects. Some diplomacy.
History: After lighting fire to a good portion of a well know alchemek institute (mostly by accident) Islington was sent away to gain “real world experience” with his magical abilities. His headmasters were reluctant to expel the rather brilliant young wizard, especially considering his rare talent for throwing raw power around in an institute where most wizards need to work through enchanted objects to get any serious magic done. This solution allowed the academy to keep Islington on roll, while simultaneously keeping him away from the actual campus.
Recently Islington has been traveling the known world selling his services as a “wizard of fortune.” About a month ago he met the barbarian Strother Martin. They have been traveling together since then, and Islington finds himself quite intrigued by the strange primal magic that the barbarian seems to wield.

Magic item wishlist:
Gloves of Piercing (lvl 3), Amulet of Elegy 1/2 (lvl 2, lvl 7), Orb of Impenetrable Escape +2 (level 6), Repulsion Armor +2 (lvl 7).


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