People from Osterholdt, known as Ostians, often come across as arrogant, cold, or aloof to outsiders. They are proud yet practical, and focus on being hard and efficient workers. Yet, inside this sprawling nation, they are warm and friendly to each other, and fiercely loyal to their nation and their Emperor, Xavier Gerhardt.

Every citizen must serve in the army as a part of citizenship. A few exceptions are allowed, but most citizens consider it an honor to server. It’s also essential; as Osterholdt has found itself beset upon every border at times. They have a longstanding feud with Aveyours, and the Barbarian Fels to the south are a constant source of harassment. They’ve even warred with Carvyr, although the two are allies and trading partners now.

As a result of their long martial tradition, the standing army of Osterholdt is the best in the world. Their Märchenprinz suits can decimate an entire lance of knights, or destroy a square of enemy infantry single-handedly. They were one of the first nations to have a standing professional army.

The discipline and attention to detail learned in the army trickles down to other parts of their life; businesses are run with ruthless efficiency, farms are planted in neat and orderly rows; blacksmith shops are clean and organized, without the coal dust that covers smithys in other nations.

Osterholdt is known for their College of Engineering, but also for products such as textiles and woodwork. Emperor Xavier has been keen to expand his nation’s economy, and the recently built Carvyr rail-way was one of his initiatives.


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