Libanaea was originally a group of fractious tribes, squabbling incessantly over their resources. Several centuries ago, a warrior named Anielo Romano managed to bring the tribes together under one kingdom, and under the Goddess. Since then, Libanaea has been a tightly allied group of city-states, united under one faith.

Libanaea is known for it’s seafood and spices, and their ability to turn raw materials into the finest finished products. Sure, the craftsmen in Aveyours can turn ore into a suitable suit of armor, but Libanaes Artisans can make it into a gift fit for a king. Their cities are home to some of the best art schools, churches, and finest guilds on the continent.

The nation overall is governed by Elector Counts; landed nobles in each city who elect a king, titled “Magno.”. Currently, Magno Leonetti is in charge, and his rule has been relatively peaceful. The Elector Counts serve as a sort of Parliament, but they spend far more time arguing and drinking then actually governing. The Magno is almost a figurehead position, but is also considered the religious leader of the nation.

Families are very traditional, with limited rights granted to women. Children attend both secular and religious schooling until 12 years of age, at which point they enter their lifelong career.


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