Once one of the city states of Libanaea, Lalingor was, and still is, known for their prowess at shipbuilding. A century ago, the Elector Count of Lalingor, Bertolo St-Lopez, grew tired of the incessant squabbling of the Parliament. He, and his countrymen, felt that the province of Lalingor was neglected. Except when it came time to pay taxes, of course.

The Count allied with a band of warriors from the Bororrune Fels, and then declared his province to be a sovereign state. This began a decade long civil war, now referred to as The War of the Groves, which ended with Lalingor a sovereign nation.

Today, the best ships in the world are made in Lalingor. Until the railroad was built, ships were the only way to transport large amounts of goods from one nation to another. The railroad has only been around for a few years, but already, activity at the docks and shipyards has slowed down.

The current Count of Lalingor, Count Mario Martine, is an aloof and aging ruler who fancies himself a knight and a general. He has a beautiful wife, but only a bastard for a child. The lack of a definite heir has led to discussions about what will happen when the Count finally passes on. There are many who silently mutter about rejoining Libanaea.


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