George “Belaying Pin” Blackman
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George Blackman started out as a wealthy merchant from Carvyr. His family and he were accompanying a shipment of war mechs en route to Libanaea as part of a ceace fire brokered between Libanaea and Lalingor. While en route, a fleet of the Celymnur attacked his ship.

After his ship was boarded, and his family hauled on deck to be raped and murdered in front of him, the merchant lost control. He broke free of his captors, grabbed the first thing he could find which happened to be a belaying pin and bludgeoned-to-death the enemy captain. His crew, so rallied by his actions repelled the boarders, but not before his family was slain.

He vowed revenge, and has been hunting Celymnur ships ever since.

One of his more notable recruits was the spry young nobleman Kero Withen, who Blackman happened upon drunk of his mind in a bar one evening in a port call in Stokearch. Even after Kero tried to bluff his way into the crew, Blackman still signed him up, seeing potential.


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