Eyredell is a collection of islands off the northern coast of Davyyld. They are loosely organized into tribes, with each county ruled by a man who calls himself king. These tribes are fractious, engaging in a ritualized form of warfare that focuses on individual heroes and single combat.

The islands are rich in resources, but the relatively low level of technology means these resources go unexploited. Most of the inhabitants live on farms, and the few cities are centered around fairs and other agrarian events. There are a few fishing villages on the coast, and a few mining towns up north, but otherwise it’s cattle ranches and farms.

One would think that the low population and lush resources would make the islands of Eyredell easy targets for their neighbors, especially the rapacious Celymnur Longships. The north sea is a dangerous place, though; and the waters around Eyredell are known for their vicious, fast moving storms. In fact, never has an invasion fleet arrived untouched at their shores. A storm always blows in, wrecking even the sturdiest ships. The few brigands that do land are no match for the Eyredell warriors who meet them on the beach.

Most people say that it’s just bad luck, that the weather is always treacherous on the water, even more so on the north sea. But others whisper of shamans, hidden in the groves and the barrows of Eyredell, who can summon the wind and the rain. The brave warriors, their faces streaked with woad and their hair stiffened with lime may be the the most visible defenders of this realm, but many fear their priests most of all.


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