Carvyr is the most advanced nation on Davyyld, at least as far as technology goes. The capitol city of Marbleborough are paved with cobblestones and lit by gaslight; they even have trains.

The primary industry of Carvyr is trade. With their advanced infrastructure, Carvyr has extended rail lines all the way to Aveyours and Kosovar, making it easy for their trade partners to buy and sell goods of all sorts. Furs and lumber come in from Kosovar and get shipped out to wealthy nobles in Lalingor, with a speed that no other nation can match. Of course, the rail barons of Carvyr charge only a modest fee for this service.

Carvyr is also home to the Alchamek Colleges; where intelligent and adept young men learn to imbue everyday goods with the powers that make them essential to every day life. Although Alchameks are common throughout the continent, the best and the brightest live in Carvyr.

There are plenty of other natural resources in this nation; the oceans are brimming with fish, and the soil along the southern border is dark and rich. Carvyr, in it’s modern state, has a very young and very new government; a Constitutional Monarchy led by a Chamber of Commons. A brutal revolution in the last century led to new rights and new freedoms for all citizens, and this in turn led to an economic boom.


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