Sandwiched between Kosovar and Osterholdt, Aveyours

Aveyours is known for it’s rolling, lush farmland. Cattle grow large and fat, pigs feast on acorns and truffles, and grapevines bloom lush and fragrant. To the west, King Jean-Valentin Barthélémy rules from an opulent palace, and the noble families vie for his attention and favor.

The nobles are proud of their martial prowess; they done elaborate plates of armor and go into battle astride perfectly bred horses. There is a thriving middle class as well; the cities have need of artisans and workers who can turn raw resources into working products. Yes, it may be peasants who grow the grapes or mine the ore, but it takes a skilled craftsman to make wine or armor. The cities are also home to talented musicians and artists. Though the King may not always appreciate the sarcastic songs or ribald paintings, he can’t be bothered to stop them all. The talented ones, of course, are far too valuable to their patrons, and the artists know that.

But the east is not as glamorous. Sure, their crops grow just as well, but the dark Hallowcopse Forest is always encroaching upon the land of the peasants, and the shadows of the Khrymstone fall dark and ominous. Although an eager cartographer has placed the Eastern border deep into the woods, everyone knows that Aveyours stops when the sun no longer penetrates the forest. Every now and then, a brave group sets out into the woods or across the mountains, but not once in living memory has such a group ever returned.


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