A small, rugged island just off the coast of Carvyr, Asica has become a den of piracy and inequity. Rogues, thieves, and malcontents have made this chunk of land a thriving but lawless place.

As a result of it’s lawless nature, Asica is often used as a proxy when two nations are feuding. By funding pirates and turning a blind eye to their own lawlessness, one nation can garner the spoils of war without launching a full out attack.

The residents of Asica may fight amongst themselves, but they become fast allies when threatened from the outside. From time to time, the Carvyr navy attempts to clear out the island. The pirates band together to fight their way out and then scatter, but once the navy is gone, they just come back and pick up where they left off.

Notable historic figures:
George “Belaying Pin” Blackman


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