Strother Martin

Human Warden


Every young man and woman from Celymnur must go on a rite of passage into adulthood. Most go raiding on the sea with their compatriots. Few choose to venture overland to far and unfamiliar territories. Strother Martin is one of these few. After venturing through numerous “civilized” lands, and serving briefly as a mercenary in the Libanaea/Lalingor civil war (on both sides) he would surely be accepted back into his tribe as a man, but having seen what the wider world he has no desire to return to his tiny tribe in the frigid northlands.

Magic Item Wish List:
Acrobatic Boots (lvl 2), Bracers of Mighty Striking (lvl 2), Giantkind Gloves (lvl 4), Circlet of Second Chances (lvl 3), Amulet of Mental Resolve 1/2(lvl 2, lvl 7), Armor of Cleansing +2 (lvl 8), Life Vine Armor +2 (lvl 8). Guardian’s Call Warhammer +2 (lvl 7).

Strother Martin

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