Davyyld is a continent on an unexplored world; host to nations which are putting new technology to use in many different ways. But, while this mana-punk renaissance has brought light and luxury to the cities, the edges of the land remain dark and unexplored.

For centuries, humanity has been afraid to venture across the Khrymstone mountains or through the Hallowcopse forest. Even the oceans are treated with a foreboding respect; not even the most fearless of ship captain wants to remain out of sight of land for longer than a single night.

Old legends, which seem like foolish superstitions in the modern, well lit trainyards of the cities become much more sinister in the countryside, and the residents of those far off places take them very seriously. In fact, there are many stories of adventurers who have set out to find new lands, draw new maps. But there is not a single man who can be found who returned from such an expedition.

Now is a time where new technology and new forms of government are bound to cross those ancient boundaries. Who will forge these new paths and bring light into the darkness? Do they have the strength and the courage to return?


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